Mufti John Nana Smith & Guilt By Association

By Moulana Bassaam Ali

Just the thought of Daniel Haqiqatjou being cancelled has Abdullah Nana frothing at the mouth. It’s an extra strange obsession coming from someone like Nana who people would usually describe as more of a quietist or pacifist. People might think his very unhealthy obsession and fixation is because DH and his team called out Nana for his unislamic shenanigans:

But he was fixated on DH even long before this. We already discussed some of Nana’s contentions against Daniel Haqiqatjou here before:

This time we’ll be touching on something else. A few days ago (on Friday 3rd June 2022) Nana took another shot at Daniel. But what exactly is the charge against him this time?

In a nutshell there is this guy named Haytham Sayfaddin. This chap has links with some other guys who know some dudes that have links with some bad people. Now I’m not going to bother trying to defend this Haytham fellow because I don’t know much about him and if he is in fact a hardcore salafi then I have no reason to try to defend him.

But let us list some observations:

  1. The link shared by Nana argues that since Daniel referred to this guy as “Shaykh” then he must be his teacher. I kid you not this is how mentally retarded some of these people on the internet actually are.
  2. Nana says DH has listed Haytham as a guest contributor on his website. But when we check who the website team are on their about page there’s no mention of Haytham:

If we search his name in the search bar two articles come up:

One article written by Haytham from June 2020 –

And this article from April 2020 where Haytham made some contributions –

Compare this to the 60+ articles on the website authored by Mufti Abdullah Moolla – a Deobandi aalim.

It seems Nana is just super triggered by the fact that Deobandi ulamaa take some of the things Daniel says very seriously and because he is a reliable authority in his field – modernism, liberalism, feminism etc

The fact that Daniel has been invited to Daarul Ulooms and Masaajid to lecture about these issues in the presence of very senior and esteemed hadraat ulamaa is undoubtedly keeping Nana up at night.

His previous attempts to discredit Daniel didn’t work very well and he just ended up looking childish. Especially when his criticisms were shown to be nonsense. So now he’s trying to get him on guilt by association. Well if that’s how he wants to play then two can play at that game.

A quick look through Nana’s social media reveals how Nana promotes people like Akram Nadwi (one of the most dangerous modernists in the Western hemisphere), Yasir Qadhi (extreme deviant modernist salafi), Ilhan Omar (who spews kufr and heavily promotes LGBTQ+), Omar Suleiman (who repeatedly promotes nonsense – and what are his qualifications anyway?), Hamza Yusuf (who is part of the UAE’s master project to change Islam, he is also well known for making perennialist statements and victim-blaming oppressed Muslims) and I am sure you can find a lot more if you look long enough.

When has Nana ever spoken out against any of these people?

And what is the difference between having a couple of articles by someone dodgy on your website and promoting the worst deviant modernists on your personal social media accounts? Can we not say all ulamaa and madaaris should avoid inviting Nana and promoting him? We have not even discussed his unislamic shenanigans or how his unqualified wife is paraded about as a shaykha or how he promotes watching tv shows. You can read my previous post for more info:

But maybe even worst is that Nana does not stop there. He goes a step further and uses the usual inflammatory CVE garbage language to try to get Daniel flagged by intelligence agencies. This is an extremely low move not munaasib or befitting of any Muslim.

And he is still lying about why Daniel was banned from Twitter! This has already been cleared up in my post linked above and by DH more than once. What kind of beghayrati is this to keep lying about something when it has been clarified completely?

Bechara Nana seriously needs to take a cold shower and stop obsessing over Daniel.

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