Saudi Newspaper “al-Arabiya” Shamelessly Reviling the Institution of Khilafah

Saudi government media is day by day getting more and more openly hostile to any basic institutions, rules and beliefs of our Din.

After expressing their pathetic outrage at the bold call to re-establishmente of Khilafah by a magazine loosely linked to the Turkish government, the al-Arabiya journalist goes on explaining the English-speaking public how they should envision the concept of khilafah.

The term caliph has been used by terrorist organizations like ISIS to symbolize their desire to control the Muslim world and bring it under an extremist Islamic rule“.

Regardless of the issues of disagreement with Turkey and Erdoğan, this is an open insult to the blessed obligatory institution itself.

But I’m totally not surprised at Saudi metamorphosis from takfiri khariji wahhabis to “moderate liberals”.

They’re all just different versions of treachery, depending on the needs of the powers of the times.

And as they had thwarted any concrete step toward khilafah since their beginning (along the other ways, by sabotaging the 1920 Egypt conference called to discuss the issue of khilafah, by holding instead a separate meeting to split the attendees and shift the topic elsewhere; by portraying their fake nation-state as some Vatican-like supposed “center of Islam” as opposed to having an united polity, etc), up until today their mission remains the same.

Yesterday it was under the guise of pseudo-“authentic Islam“, today it’s with “moderate tolerant Islam” spreading kufric secularism liberalism humanism and nationalism under the direction of the UAE masterminds in their axis of kufr and zandaqah.

Instead, Khilafah is a necessity and a part of our Din; İmam-i A`zam Abu Hanifah (rahimahullah) defined it as Umm al-Fara’id, and our `Ulama’ of Ahl as-Sunnah from the East and the West have always been at the forefront to defend or reestablish it and to call to the implementation of Shari`ah.

A few resources:

The Caliphate in Durr al-Mukhtar

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